• Vittoria Ferrante is an interior designer, coming from colorful South Italy (mom from Bari, dad from Naples).
  • She moved to Austria in 2007.
  • After a B.A. Degree, she's got a degree in Interior Design, at the Interior Design Institute of London.
  • Her studies are just a theoric addition to her love for art and drawing she is keeping inside, since she was just a kid.
  • [...] I felt like my canvas, became inadequate to host my creations, I needed more space to fill my insatiable desire to design, create, and keep in touch with my own hands, all the projects coming directly from my mind and make them visible and accessible to the customers. [...] My first plan, was about the ideal "house of dreams", I was only 13 when I planned it and I never modified that drawing.
  • Today her paintings are beautiful accessory for the spaces she furnishes and her passion has become her job.
  • She fully shares Alberth Hadley thought: A beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives (The Story of America's preeminent interior designers).
  • She thinks that one of the main success tools is to use color. Colour is a major way of suggesting sensory response when speaking the visual language.
  • Interior design is about finding harmony in a space. This harmony comes from the fusion of all the senses, smell, touch, hearing, and in particular sight.
  • Great design affects all the senses.
  • Often we know what we want in our houses or our work environment, but not always, we are able to achieve it. Therefore, it is important to rely on a professional Interior Designer to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money by giving functional, personalized and definitely unique interiors.
  • [...] everyone deserves to express his own individuality, because through our environments, expressing our lifestyle, we communicate messages, we tell the world who we are.